Real Estate/Interior Design/Cross Cultural Sharing - Website/Branding/Business For Sale

Reference: STB20090155

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Price: Less than 100,000 €

Description: Online Website, Brand and Logo developed for as a website 'What Home Looks Like' Ltd. was incorporated in Ireland in 2016 and is waiting for an owner to put there stamp on it. You can make this website an Irish based real estate and interior design focused one (ala in the US) which it was modeled after. You could turn it into an international Cross Cultural sharing site for owners to rent, sell or just share their home with the world. Or you could even use it to record and promote an understanding of the homes refugees have left behind when they have to leave their country. Its up to you to put your spin on it. The branding, logo and website design were all done by top firms in Ireland. This is a quality website with a unique look and logo.

In A Nutshell:
Have you ever wanted to see how people live around the world?
Get inspired by and understand what home looks like for people anywhere on the planet?
Would you like to show your home off? Tell people about the best aspects of where you live, your home, your favourite family recipe?
Have you done a recent renovation, built your own house, just bought or rented a house and decorated it?
This is the website for you to do exactly that.
Share your home with the world!

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