4th Quarter Reflection And Valuation

4th Quarter Reflection And Valuation

Reflective Mood

As we ease into the fourth financial quarter of 2017 it's natural for business owners to reflect on how their business has performed thus far, how it will cope in the remaining months of 2017 - especially the Christmas season - and how it is likely to fare in 2018. Although this is a normal impulse at this time of year, it is not always practical, due to time constraints and day-to-day demands, to take a step back from the running of your business and consider the bigger picture. Moreover, it's often difficult for business owners to remain objective when reflecting on their firm's performance. This is precisely why it can be advantageous to outsource this assessment to an experienced, independent third party like Sell The Business. Our expert analysis provides business owners with the information essential to strategic planning for 2018 - including, but not limited to a strategy to sell!

Goals & Strategy

10 months into the 2017 and the goals set in January may seem like a distant memory. Our Business Appraisals help you to determine whether these goals are still steering your corporate activities. We stringently assess the progress of your business so far and offer recommendations for moving forward, including advice on selling your business, where appropriate. Or frank analysis is matched by constructive advice and support.

Our Experts


The Sell The Business team comprises of experienced business brokers who have been successfully selling businesses on behalf of clients for over 10 years. They have vast experience selling businesses of different sizes, in varying industry sectors. They boast more business years combined than they'd care to admit and come from diverse professional backgrounds, which ensures that clients receive a comprehensive assessment of their business.

The Valuation Procedure

Some clients are unsure whether they want to sell or not. To help their decision making process, we conduct Business Appraisals which allow us to accurately value their business for them. For this service we will visit you at your business premises (anywhere in Ireland or the United Kingdom). We will spend a half day with you – thoroughly evaluating your business and its potential. Sometimes clients subsequently go to the market to sell their business– other times they decide to wait so as to prepare the business for sale over a period of time. Sell The Business are experts at preparing a business for sale over a period of time. 

Arrange A Valuation

Please Contact us today to receive a quote for this service and to schedule a comprehensive valuation of your business.