More Than A Digital 'For Sale' Sign

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When it comes to advertising your business for sale online, we believe that more is required for success than shoehorning an outmoded traditional approach into a digital strategy -  a coded version of a "for sale" sign affixed to a virtual store window simply will not deliver the desired results.

We utilise a number of online avenues in addition to our website including newsletters and social media to advertise your business for sale. We believe pixels, keywords and  clickable buttons create much more persuasive calls to action than an updated version of a poster on shop front.

We advise you on which information is required to convince potential buyers that your business is a wise investment opportunity. It is important to alleviate their scepticism (bred by a lack of information and superfluence of opportunities) regarding your advertisement. Divulging the right information conveys professionalism, reliability and engenders trust. Examples of such information are (but change on a case by case basis) :
physical business location

See our businesses for sale page to get a sense of how this shifts slightly from business to business.

Buyer Personae
It is imperative to be conscious of the profile of the likely buyers for your business. We can help you to develop buyer personae which in turn shape how we create a persuasive advert for your business. Tone and method of delivery are all informed by this process.

Our business valuations service helps you determine a fair price - one with which both you and potential buyers will be satisfied. 

Our years of experience and catalogue of successful sales for satisfied clients means that we are uniquely placed to guide and support you through the process of selling your business. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you execute this process successfully.